Electronic Procurement

Procurement costs often exceed the value of the purchased product, especially when it comes to consumables. Even simply delivering these materials can lead to vastly increased administrative burdens. With the help of our e-procurement approach, we can eliminate annoying tasks and help to greatly increase the efficiency of procurement in general.
Connection with materials management systems (B2B)
With larger procurement volumes, it could make sense to connect to the materials management systems of our clients. In these cases, the user chooses the product in our web shop, for example, and then places his order. At the same time, this order is transferred in the form of an electronic message to the material management system of our clients and into our own system. As soon as the item is ready for despatch at our logistics centre, we update the order status to the client system. The receipt of goods, invoicing and payment processing happens electronically.
Needs analysis
We often support our clients in choosing the right selection of products with an analysis of demand on-site. Normally, we are able to achieve cost reductions of 25% and more with consumables.
Optimisation of the procurement process
To realise cost saving potential, conditions need to be met: The ordering system has to not just be secure, but also user-friendly and easy to understand. It must adapt to the requirements to the needs of the user flexibly, conform to the newest legal regulations and be dynamic enough to support current demands at any time. In several of the business units, 50% of all orders are placed electronically. Surveys have shown that this leads to extremely high levels of client satisfaction, with very low levels of returns and complaints.

Web Shop

With more than 135,000 items, Fleischhacker provides a comprehensive range of products available to order at your convenience.
Browse through our extensive catalogue of supplies, furniture, and medical and laboratory equipment. For each item we provide useful information at your fingertips, such as embedded product videos, safety data sheets, the right accessories, instruction guides and much more.
Order Tracking
Additionally, our clients have the option to benefit from the Fleischhacker order-tracing system, giving them access to their order statistics for the last 12 months. Thus, they can always keep an eye on their budget. The delivery status of purchase orders is also easy to monitor. Parcel numbers are available to check the current delivery status with the delivery service.
Simple User Interface
A clear navigation, a detailed product search function and a customisable quick order list facilitate the ordering process.
Attractive Conditions
On a regular basis, Fleischhacker provides special online offers and coupon promotions. Our email newsletter keeps our clients updated and ensures that they never miss a deal.