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Universal oven UN260, SingleDISPLAY, 256 l, 30 °C - 300 °C with 2 grids

with SingleDISPLAY
Product no.:102603260
Manufacturer-Art.-No.: UN260
Manufacturer: Memmert
The warming cabinet generation with the unique ControlCOCKPIT for fast and intuitive handling. For a wide range of applications, ideally in temperature ranges above + 50 ° C.

Basic equipment:
  • PID microprocessor control with integrated self-diagnostic system
  • Stainless steel interior (material number 1.4301 / ASTM 304) with all-round deep-drawing ribbing for integration of the ceramic-metal coated large area heating system
  • Housing made of structural stainless steel, rear wall Galvanized sheet steel
  • fully insulated stainless steel door
  • Operation and adjustment of all parameters on the ControlCOCKPIT
  • integrated data logger with a storage capacity for at least 10 years
  • Language setting German, English, Spanish, French at ControlCOCKPIT
  • digital timer adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days
  • Function SetpointWAIT starts the process time only when the setpoint temperature is reached at all measuring points - optionally also for the recorded temperature values ​​of the freely positionable Pt100 sensors in the interior
  • Setting of three calibration values ​​for temperature and additional device-specific parameters directly on the ControlCOCKPIT

SingleDISPLAY: ControlCOCKPIT with a TFT color graphic display
  • adjustable parameters on the ControlCOCKPIT: temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), speed of circulating air motor (in models with forced recirculation), exhaust air flap position, program run time, time zones, summer / winter time
  • Pt100 temperature sensor DIN class A in 4-wire measurement
  • AtmoCONTROL software for reading, managing and organizing the data logger via Ethernet interface (90-day trial version for download)
  • double overtemperature protection: electronic temperature monitoring with freely adjustable monitoring temperature, with option TWW / TWB (protection class 3.1 or 2), mechanical temperature limiter TB according to DIN 12 880

Technical specifications:
  • Temperature range: + 30 ° C (at least 5 ° C above RT) to + 300 ° C
  • Temperature deviation: at + 150 ° C +/- 0.5 ° C, spatially +/- 3 ° C
  • Outside dimensions WxHxD: 824 x 1183 x 684 mm
  • Inside dimensions WxHxD: 640 x 800 x 500 mm
  • Volume: approx. 256 liters
  • Power: approx. 3400 W
  • Mains connection: 230 V to model size 260, from model size 450 three-phase 400 V 3 ph N (CEE plug, 16 A version)
  • Weight: approx. 110 kg

Special offer valid until: 31/12/2019

SGD 4,738.23
(excl. GST)
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with SingleDISPLAY
102603260 4,738.23
with TwinDISPLAY
102608260 5,662.37