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Infusion device, standard

150 cm, 15 µm-Filter
Product no.:7107687
PZN: 01282070
Infusion system for pressure and gravity infusion according to DIN 58362, with bacteria-proof air filter and 15 micron liquid filter, individually packed sterile.
SGD 0.62
(excl. GST)

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Emergency bag STAVANGER+ XL light

Emergency bag STAVANGER+ XL light

SGD 445.28
(excl. GST)
Emergency bag STAVANGER+ XL light 1 x 'Emergency bag STAVANGER+ XL light' order

Invoicing of your consultation hour requirement
Fleischhacker bills the consultation hour requirement
for practicing doctors with
of the respective health insurance company on request. *
The following are generally considered to be office supplies:
which are used in the case of more than one person entitled to contract treatment
medical treatment or
which must be available for more than one patient in emergencies.

The regional health insurance associations and the associations of statutory health insurance physicians regulate which costs are covered by the health insurance companies and what are the costs has already been settled via the settlement of EBM figures. This Agreements on consultation hours (SSB-V) vary from state to state to state.

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