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Vasofix® Safety

22 G, 0.9 mm x 25 mm, blue
Product no.:7063957
PZN: 0198120
Manufacturer-Art.-No.: 4268091S01
Manufacturer: B. Braun Petzold GmbH

IV catheter with injection port and self-activating needlestick protection. Vasofix® Safety - Shielded IV catheter with injection port.

  • Self-activating protection against needlestick injuries and related infection
  • IV catheter material available in Polyurethane and FEP
  • Super-sharp Universal Back Cut Bevel for wide choice in insertion angles and minimal puncture trauma
  • Double Flashback Technology provides confirmation of successful catheter placement through quick visualization of both needle and catheter flashback
  • Latex-free, PVC-free, DEHP-free
  • Acc. ISO-Standard 10.555-1/5

  • Self-activating Safety Shield, no user activation required - no button, twists or clicks
  • Unique Safety Shield automatically covers needle tip upon needle withdrawal
  • Safety mechanism cannot be bypassed
  • Eliminates risk of inadvertent activation during handling
  • Safety Shield stays in place through disposal

SGD 2.39
(excl. GST)

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The regional health insurance associations and the associations of statutory health insurance physicians regulate which costs are covered by the health insurance companies and what are the costs has already been settled via the settlement of EBM figures. This Agreements on consultation hours (SSB-V) vary from state to state to state.

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